Ryan McGurrin


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I am currently seeking summer employment in game programming


Currently attending Northern Secondary School.

Graduating in June 2025


Technical Skills:

Proficient in the following programming/coding languages: Java, C#, HTML, CSS.

Two years of experience with Unity development (Both 2D and 3D).

Proficient at using major operating systems like (Windows, and Mac).

Experience With:

Website design

Game development

Designing itch pages

Computer Building

Computer Repair


Web Developer and Technician

Sept 2023 - Jan 2024

“Signa Computers (Co-op)”

Website Work, Computer Building, Computer Repair

Sole Developer

Nov 2023

“A Divers Dream”

2D, Adventure, Bullet hell, made using Unity(C#)

Made in a 1 week game jam(Pizza Jam)

Web Developer

July 2023


Cardiovascular research website for the University Of Guelph

Sole Developer

July 2023

“A Wolf Hunted”

3D Survival Game using Unity(C#)

Made in a 2 day game jam(GMTK)

Web Developer

March 2023


Personal Portfolio made using vscode(HTML, CSS)

Sole Developer

Jan 30 2023- Feb 6 2023

“Tree Planting Sim”

2D Simulator Game using Unity(C#)

Made in a 7 day game jam

Was the most popular (most viewed/played) game upon completion of the jam

Sole Developer

Oct 2022- Dec 2022

“A Wolf's Vengeance”

3D Platformer using Unity(C#)

61 Levels

Utilizes GitHub

Sole Developer

Aug 2022

“Explorer 2” - Remake

2D Point And Click Adventure using Processing (P5.js)

Sole Developer

Oct 2021

“Pill Parkour”

2.5D Platformer using Unity(C#)

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